Video Calls User Guide (Beta)

This document provides information on how to best utilize the Video Call feature.  

Supported browsers:

1. For Windows: 

2. For macOS:

3. For Linux:

4. For iOS:

5. For Android:

Group Video Call: Shareable Link

Each group has a single Virtual Meeting room. Only owners of the group can generate a temporary shareable link to the room by clicking the “Start Video Call” button. The temporary link could be shared (emails, etc…) with anyone (including non-group members). The link is only be available for 1 hour and then it will expire. The video call can going beyond 1 hour but no new member will be able to join unless a new temp link is created.

Things to Note:

- Group owners can start a video call without having a video camera. The meeting room will be available to group members. 

At the conclusion of a Video Call a Safari browser user may be redirected back into the Virtual Room. This is usually solved by the Safari user clicking “End Call” once again.

- A call has ended when all members leave the room.

- Instant Messages are available in a Video Call for 1 hour. Even if members leave a VM room and come back previous messages will be available for that time.

- If a user is having issues entering the meeting room, group owners will not be notified of the error.

- Users must allow the site to use the computers' microphone and camera when notified. 


Please feel free to provide feedback, thoughts, concerns, and technical issues here.


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