What is Find a Mentor feature and how do I use it?

Find a Mentor provides a fresh way to establish meaningful connections with mentors in MyNRMN. The Find a Mentor wizard allows mentees to easily follow a step-by-step guide to seek a mentor based on search criteria and filters. Use multiple keywords and filter the results by institution, interest, or city to discover a list of mentors. Click Request Mentoring to begin the process. 


1.   Log in to MyNRMN

2.   Click find_a_mentor.png

3.   Step 1: Mentor Search

      Enter keywords or phrases into the search bar

      Use additional filters to refine results



4.   Click request_mentoring.png to begin

5.   Step 2: Update your Resume

      Click Update your Resume button to use our Resume Builder tool or        upload your existing CV/Resume. Click Next Step


6.   Step 3: Send a Message

      Customize a message to send to your selected mentor.

      Click Next Step


7.   Step 4: Confirm

      Review and confirm your message. Click Confirm and Send



 Congrats! You've sent your first request for a mentorship.      request_sent.png




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